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Originally Posted by Effluent Man View Post
The main change in immigration would appear to be a restriction on EU people and a relaxation on non EU. Almost every Leaver I know was largely motivated in their voting by dislike of the latter.bits not Polish plumbers they dislike but brown people with an unhealthy interest in big knives. I can tell you with some degree of certainty that, as soon as this information filters through whatever else occupies the cranial space of these erstwhile supporters of Brexit they are going to be somewhat dischuffed by this latest move to import more potential trouble, as they see it.
As usual the politicians are dancing round the handbags on this absolutely central issue, but it appears that future immigration policy will be based on the following core principles:
  1. An end to FMoP for EU nationals
  2. A move to a "skills based" immigration policy, that does not differentiate between EU and non-EU nationals. Precisely what this means in reality is not clear yet, but some form of minimum salary cap has been talked about
This is one of the few issues where there's likely to be a clear policy divide between the Tories and Labour at the next GE. As tescoapp explained so well a few posts ago, JC has very cleverly kept his powder dry on many issues where his more extreme views are likely to offend. I expect his personal views on immigration (it's a great thing, let them all in), once aired more widely, will be an open goal for the Tories and will help ensure he gets nowhere near Number 10.
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