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Originally Posted by Pontius Navigator View Post
Please list these facts.

Asumming they are genuinely seeking asylum, why here?

How many are Christian or gay or both?
For facts see the many publications that are available that are not the Daily Mail/Express/Sun etc. My post above has some facts for you. Most assylum seelkers who enter Europe, do not come to the UK. Most are genuine straight forward people who just want a quiet life, away from may of the things that are forbidden in the 'home' country.

I care not what religious diety they worship, or for which side they choose to bat. Neither is important.

Why choose the UK?

Probably the same reason many of us choose to remain here. It is (generally) civilised, tolerant, wealthy, has a high standard of living. Being the fourth (or seventh depending on which set of stats you accept) richest economy in the world it is a draw. The weather's a bit crap and some of the food is questionable but I wouldn't swap it for anywhere i've been.
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