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Originally Posted by Dark Knight View Post
The reality was `The Accord’ had passed its use by date with all unions including the ACTU against it continuing.
The prognosis made then for salaries and working conditions for flight crew has certainly become a reality.

A Hierarchical Salary study of pilot salaries conducted today, as in 1966, would establish pilot salaries are at least 50% lower than they should be.

Fatigue is currently on the lips of every pilot, every day: pilots pay for their own meals, car parking, uniforms, etc., company loyalty is a thing of the past with control of what may passably be called family lifestyle is totally within the company’s hands.

When next the SLF flies perhaps they should remember the sage words of John Glenn sitting atop a Mercury rocket:

“How you would feel if you were getting ready to launch and knew you were sitting on top of 2 million parts — all built by the lowest bidder on a government contract.”

Seriously! DK, are you comparing what pilots do in modern jet transport, with John Glenn "sitting atop a Mercury rocket"?

The pilots I fly with don't pay for their own meals, car parking, uniforms etc. I must have missed that part when I was reading a copy of the collective agreement. And those groups that have foregone all of the above in order to sell their souls, well more fools them!

Modern aircraft have NEVER been easier to manage or handle; hell they just about do everything for you except wash your dishes! Don't kid yourself it's a hard gig, it's not. Nothing could be further from the truth. That "Austronaut" syndrome is just that!

Regarding fatigue, yes it's an issue across all industries, not just confined to aviation. Globalisation plays a big part in all of this. In Australia we must be competitive if we're to survive. Unfortunately the average punter will always vote with their wallets, so will always be on the lookout for $59 airfares. The rise of the LCC has allowed those folk who would never previously have been able to fly from A to B to do so. But it comes at a price! Maintenance on demand, cheaper labour costs, less support, more onerous rostering ie more productivity etc. the list in not exhaustive.

And whilst on the subject of fatigue, I'm sick of hearing how people say they've been working like drovers dogs and always tired, yet these same people are the first to tell me how they've been working on RDOs. Give me a break, what hypocrites.

It's a new world, I was around in '89, but consequentially had my career stopped in its tracks in GA. However, as difficult as it may be for many of those to accept, move on because nobody else since cares one iota! Yesterday's news!

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