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Originally Posted by DaveReidUK View Post
I was being sarcastic - of course the AoA sensor is Murphy-proofed (as several posters have previously confirmed).

And, while I may be biased from my years spent in airline engineering, I simply don't believe that any LAE, anywhere in the world, would "make a part fit" if it clearly didn't.
Sadly, during the course of my career I've seen several examples where they did exactly that - a couple of which I outlined in my previous post (admittedly none of the cases I'm familiar with had bad outcomes, there was a certain amount of luck involved).
I lived in Indonesia for the better part of a year in the mid 1990s - working with what was then IPTN on new aircraft development. I saw things going on there in the manufacturing arena that were down right scary - and had to go to the chief engineer to ground an airplane one time because the lightning protection was so flawed as to be blatantly unsafe (to his credit, once I explained the risk he followed my recommendations).
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