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Originally Posted by DaveReidUK View Post
The waters were already muddied before we started this discussion . We can take it as read that this isn't one of those very rare accidents that turn out to have a single, straightforward "ultimate cause".

I would expect, when the investigation report finally appears, that there will be both multiple factors listed under "probable cause" and several other "contributory factors" (that's NTSB-speak, but most AIBs make a similar distinction).

One finding I don't expect to see is that the engineer replacing the AoA probe either sawed off the locating pin or hammered it through the skin of the 737.
Agree with you 100% on that score Dave. Quite often the prevention of the last hole lining up though, is the action(s) of the crew. I doubt that anyone here with at least a reasonable amount of experience hasnít seen this in one form or another. I know I have.

There can can be no doubt that the process leading up to this disaster is complex, perhaps even complicated! I have always believed though that when the automation goes haywire, disconnect and fly attitude + power to = performance. If that hapless crew did that on the day, and they still all died, then WTF!

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