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Originally Posted by pilotpete123 View Post
Thanks for that insight. Currently watching a fleet being retired at my current airline and the associated drama that brings. I can also relate to how a planned timescale means very little. Now oil has tanked again I can imagine they may well be around a little longer...
In probably my only positive post re BA so far, I have a few mates on the 767 who are obviously in the fleet retirement predicament at the moment. Obviously BA can do what they want during the first 5 years, but they are being released to their fleet of choice (777 & 747) after 3 years or less in BA, and are over the moon.

Also based on nothing but my humble opinion, if you joined in 2019, I don't foresee see you being directed off the jumbo due to fleet retirement during the initial engagement freeze. They are cash cows for BA at the moment with oil at $55 pb.
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