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Next up from CBE is a knighthood and as I mentioned theyíre being increasingly tight with those, so CBE has to cover everything from gp capt upwards unless a K is warranted. However an AVM has to do a lot more than a gp capt for it to be considered Ďexceptionalí for their rank!


My point is that a DSO recommendation specifically *has* to include acts of gallantry, so unless Gp Capt Thomas had undertaken airborne actions of the sort that might have earned a DFC or a Mention in Despatches, no amount of inspired leadership on her part could possibly have earned a DSO. Judging the by low number of DFCs and MiDs that have been awarded to fast jet crews on Op SHADER, it has to be inferred that most of their sorties do not include such activity. I happen to agree with you that that under-sells the achievements of the Tornado and Typhoon fleets but thatís how the system works today Iím afraid.

There is also the point that the award might not have been for operational leadership so much as leadership in general, hence why it isnít on an operational list... and itís often the time at home base that presents the most difficult leadership challenges!

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