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Thanks Easy Street for your summary.

My point, however, was that Thomas had effectively reformed a squadron and taken it to war and for her leadership etc a DSO was more appropriate than an OBE. We need not lose any sleep over it and suffice to say the officer has well earned her state award and her promotion to gp capt.

I had a smile however when I saw that the 'RAF 100 Torch' group had received recognition. During the ATC 75, the air training corps wing, where I help, produced a Torch which was designed and built within the Wg. It is a superb specimen and we have it still. The 'official' ATC75 torch by comparison was a complete load of ?><^&%$. Very much the same might be said about the RAF100 torch, which I was involved with at Alrewas. Simply, it did not reflect the best design and delivery of which the RAF is capable.

Sorry if that seems like 'sour grapes' - it's not meant to be.

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