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Originally Posted by GS-Alpha View Post
I do not think there are especially many who joined purely because they wanted to fly the flag. There are plenty who assumed the Ďnational flag carrierí would have superior terms and conditions though.
I sadly didnít get to the SIM have to wait a year to reapply. I have however changed my opinion of BA. I assumed the Ďnational flag carrierí had superior terms and conditions and had the thought of how amazing it would be to fly for BA. I do feel a bit naive now. I put a lot of work into prepping for BA but actually didnít research T&Cs whatís it actually like etc. I now know people who have jumped to BA, Iím talking people Iíve worked with trained with, and the picture they paint is not what I had in my head. I was disappointed to not get to the SIM but Iím actually more disappointed in what I have learnt about BA. I was looking at it as that would be my forever airline but I feel the first 5 years at least would be so challenging, having a very young family, wife who wants to quit her job to be with family, would test us to the max. SH trips away seem inevitable and having seen rosters guys have sent me I feel EZY would be a better choice, command is quicker and pays more. LH doesnít look as bad, you get few more days off but may have to wait 5 years to get LH and 15 years to command!!! Im mid thirties now at least 50 before command. I donít plan on working in to my 60s. It took a heart attack for my dad(68) to stop work. Pay thatís not very good compared to how much money BA makes!!! Wife has to keep working so we can afford our bills/plan on early retirement.

I spent most of 2018 waiting for BA to open up recruitment and waiting for slots to stages 1 and 2 as thatís what I wanted I didnít focus on much else apart from EK.
Maybe itís because itís 2019, 2018 went by so quickly, I need to be more proactive.
Happy New Year.
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