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Originally Posted by Old-Duffer View Post
I agree with Melchett01 - Anne-Marie Houghton (nee Daw) did a great job and I'd like to see the Army try that on with TOTC one year (although the Kings Troop RHA has been lead by a female Major). Furthermore, there were some other bits of media in which she appeared and in my opinion, she did the RAF proud.

Perhaps her reward will appear in the form of a thick stripe in the near future.

I also thought that under the 'new' rules Nikki Thomas ought to have been a DSO not an OBE

Old Duffer
You may be right about the promotion. However, I recall CASí comment about 10 years back that he was disappointed that more people werenít put up for awards for excellence in the regular duties, and that they seemed to be focused on those who had done secondary duties, community work etc, which although notable was but one aspect. I felt quite smug as I had put my FS up for an award for just such excellence and he ended up with an MBE - the only one amongst all the secondary Duty, charity and sports based awards.

The question is if that is the intent, have those senior officers running the recognition boards in between the initial submissions and the final award been told that?
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