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Originally Posted by Riskybis View Post
The pay isn’t the reason to get into BA , I honestly think the main reason people want to get into this weird outfit is to “fly the flag” , “to fly to serve” . Just awful
I've just heard I've been successful in my Sim Assessment and have a start date in the Spring. I'm coming to BA from the military and of all of my friends and colleagues who have also got in, not one has stated the reasons you cite for joining. Whilst the pay isn't stellar, it's not bad and is comparable to what we get now. For us, BA represents job security, excellent training, incremental pay (as many of us have topped out in the RAF), the ability to fly LH and get a 777,787 etc type rating, the ability to settle in one location and finally travel to destinations that don't require you to live in a tent and get shot at on a regular basis.

Whilst I concede that BA isn't going to perfect (show me a job that is), it'll do for me and I'm very happy to have made the grade. In the unlikely event that I don't like it, I'll move to somewhere else (and give 3 months notice, not 12).
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