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Originally Posted by Icarus2001 View Post
Calling everyone on the thread a moron seems a little ridiculous since it appears that it is you who have missed the point.

Uber to launch e-VTOL air taxis - Australian Aviation

whilst calling people in here here morons is unhelpful and not nesesary I do understand where 'tank' is coming from.
i believe his ref is the actual machine, unlike cars there's nothing else like this concept. Uber is indeed using normal cars as in current proven technology, the drone concept is an entirely different matter and still in its infancy. In fact the real debate here can be categorised into two distinct categories, one the legal and safe side of the concept and the actual machines capabilities, which are very limited at this point in time and being the bigger issue at the moment, the legal and safety side of things could be gotten around with enough funds and determination!
Jetsons style transport is a looooong way off in my mind!
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