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Originally Posted by gordonfvckingramsay View Post
That was the point Bullwinkle, the only people who don’t actually matter are management.
Thanks Gordon, it was the point.

At the time of posting, NYE celebrations are underway in the UK, Waterside is quiet. In the antipodes Australia wakes to a new year's day, presumably with hangovers and good intention.
Meanwhile at Coward street, the sole security guard commences his rounds in the carefully temperature controlled silent offices.

Yet just a short distance away from Waterside, in Heathrow, the last of the evenings departures are scheduled, the crews brief, the fuel and freight are loaded.
Over at Sir Charles Kingsford Smith airport, the domestic network has been steadily moving people from A to B for a few hours now.

Not an airline administrator, 'manager' or executive in sight.
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