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Year 5 L/H FO basic is £67658

Additional pay is as follows.

flight pay block to block £10 per hour
Time away from base (starts getting paid at check in and stops at check out in LHR) £3 something an hour of which about 30% is tax free although that wonít last much longer.

I would say factor in about another 15 to 18k a year in flight pay and TAFB pay.

Bonus forget about it, apparently there was some share scheme but I have never been paid out from it so I would write that off to.

Pension as previously mentioned 6/15.6%

overtime will be paid at about £60 per hour of credit (which I still donít understand properly).

As with most things at BA the rostering/Pay/contracts/agreements are so complicated itís almost impossible to give you a straight forward answer to the question.
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