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Originally Posted by Eddie_Crane View Post

Your figures are way wide of the mark.
Basic for LH FO at pp5/34 is just over £67K.

If you pay 6% into pension, BA will pay 15.6%.

No share scheme. There has been some profit sharing, but peanuts really compared to the £Bn profits.
Longhaul With 16k duty pay/allowances, not really that far off the mark. Year 3 on 75% contract I've heard a few individuals quote 4300 a month including allowances and pension/BAlpa fees deducted. As you are only removing the bit you are paying 40% tax on, the impact to net is more like a 17% reduction vice 25% gross. I think typical allowances on a 3/4 trip month longhaul on 75% contract are around 1300-1500 gross.
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