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Originally Posted by ricardian View Post
Septic tanks should not need emptying unless you've gone mad with bleach in the toilet or allowed grey water to drain into it. Our septic tank has never been emptied and we've been here for 15 years; all our grey water goes to the same soakaway that is used by the septic tank.. A cess pit is a different matter, that needs regular emptying.
On this island all the properties at the harbour edge have sewer outlets that go straight into the harbour below low water mark. Scottish water keep promising to build a proper sewage system but they always run out of money. At least we all get charged for the supply of clean water but there is no charge for sewage or drainage.
Ripe [sorry] for development by Springfield Properties aka

"Details of the financial arrangements of Sandy Adam, who has given nearly 100,000 to the SNP and the pro-independence campaign both through his companies and private wealth, came to light after a Sunday Post probe into his dealings in the Isle of Man.

Our investigators discovered that two companies registered in the tax haven – owned by another Isle of Man company the businessman holds shares in – rent out homes and offices across Scotland.

The revelation has prompted concern among opposition politicians and tax campaigners.

Mr Adam’s company, Elgin-based Springfield Properties Plc, was set up in 1956 by Mr Adam’s grandfather."


PS YOU work the photo out BTW.
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