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Yes Megan, good point though both were effective use of all the crew at hand (senior fleet A380) and tools available, to end with the same number of landings to takeoffs. Both Widebody heavies
The Ansett BAE146 "rollback" incident was shown afterwards by a good, though cheesey CRM Video, while Ansett's CRM video of their Sydney B747 incident won awards.
Somehow I doubt QF capable of doing likewise with this.
Here's a good place to confirm / dispel events that may have occurred afterwards. I have no "horse in the race" so don't shoot the messenger:
* He wasn't "Cleared to Line" until close to a year later, given it was his last sector of a final check, requiring 4 sectors?
* The same scenario was replicated in the sim, to which everyone failed, even after all the criticism of him?

How this bloke is now, long after the fact, I don't care too much for as it's the flights safe result and CRM points that we can learn from it, that are important.
We already know the catalyst - an incorrectly bored alloy tube that split under pressure & leaked etc etc but what about an objective look into the human factors side?
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