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A long detailed discussion of AOA sensors by Boeing- note that 737 is not mentioned- except in the document dont know how old this is but pdf document shows date of year 2000

Aero 12 - Angle of Attack

and at bottom of online text emphasis added

SUMMARYAOA is a long-standing subject that is broadly known but one for which the details are not broadly understood. While AOA is a very useful and important parameter in some instances, it is not useful and is potentially misleading in others.
  • The relationship between AOA and airplane lift and performance is complex, depending on many factors, such as airplane configuration, Mach number, thrust, and CG.
  • AOA information is most important when approaching stall.
  • AOA is not accurate enough to be used to optimize cruise performance. Mach number is the critical parameter.
  • AOA information currently is displayed on Boeing flight decks. The information is used to drive the PLI and speed tape displays.
  • An independent AOA indicator is being offered as an option for the 737, 767-400, and 777 airplanes. The AOA indicator can be used to assist with unreliable airspeed indications as a result of blocked pitot or static ports and may provide additional situation and configuration awareness to the flight crew.

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