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Yes I remember that incident - in fact on my only ever staff crew trip on a VC10 a few weeks before, the guy in question was the nav' out of Bahrain to Changi
Something similar happened on a Herc' in 72/73 - the nav'; applied grivation east instead of west ( or was it the other way round? My brain hurts! ) lo and behold landfall was IIRC Greenland and not Newfoundland or Labrador. On arrival at either Gander/Goose the skipper sent a signal outlining what had happened, including that the nav' had realised and owned up to his error. His E Cat arrived by return signal, but because he had owned up he was treated very sympathetically. I believe that Fg Off nav retired as a Grp Capt.


After my posting I put declination in the search engine and found it is a rarely used term instead of variation. Test pilot son says he is aware of that definition but always uses variation.

I did do a couple of polar grid/gyro training flights to Thule, the second was in '71 when we took some of the Red Arrows team to examine possible routes for their Gnats to use on what was to be their first States trip the following spring. I recall looking at Sondestrom, Frobisher and Narssarssuaq ( sp.? ) as well.
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