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Originally Posted by the flu View Post
Brilliant Barry One year in the company - after my first year I was fine as well, belive me- you will feel it in your bones in a couple of years...
if calling you every day during your holidays, often happens at 4 o clock in the morning is fine for anybody (even if you will tell them “politely” to stop doing that) is not a constant pressure model, then what is? During my holodays I had to block the OCC numbers not to be interrupt by them all the time- and even that didnt stop them- they are using different numbers :P
Barry- give yourself time and gain experience in this ULCC model airline then start to make any statements... and yes in over a year a lot has changed- but its opposite your way of thinking- a lot of things are worse than before, thats why I left...
Working for Wizz and NEVER experienced something like that you mentioned. But i had this (and even worse) in my previous company, so i definitely know that feeling :/ Constant roster changes, even sometimes in one hour before checkin. Now at Wizz - if there is a roster change, they called me well in advance, or even ask me if i am willing to accept a change. First time i received a call from Wizz OCC asking me to accept a schedule change, i thought it's hidden camera. Asking me??? Never had that before. Flying on OFF? Sometimes i do receive a polite SMS if i am willing to do a flight. Ignore it, or if you are bored on your base, accept it. No pressure at all. In my previous company: if you had to fly on OFF day, you had to fly. "You have crew schedule changes". That's it. They took away all off days as they needed you. Here at Wizz i NEVER had that, and i don't know a single collegue where it was ever happening like that.

All those complaints - i get them. But believe me one thing: There are airlines out there where it is way worse than that. The "complaining Wizzpilots" think mostly the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Compared to other companies i experienced and get feedback from - it isn't. And i have to admit that things might have changed recently to our advantage. It might not have been like that in the past. But definitely this one year i am in, no complaints at all.

But for sure, that all depends where you are in your career. New FO? Might be treated not like an experienced captain. And base issues. For sure there are bases with stable ops, and some without. I enjoy a stable base and have nothing to complain.
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