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Originally Posted by KWS_787 View Post
Hi guys,

I was just wondering, for those who passed the final interview and went for the medical, does anyone know what is the average waiting time for a reply?

I did my medical on 2nd November 2018.

Also, for Malaysians, would we receive an email or phone call?

Hi KWS_787,

It really depends, there is no fixed answer for everyone.
Reason being some candidates might have issues with their medical reports etc.
As for myself, I had to go back to Singapore (I'm a Malaysian) the following Tuesday after medical on Friday to re-do my urine sample.

Once that is done, all you can do is wait.
Just to share, getting your Class 1 Medical from CAAS does not guarantee you the cadetship from SIA.
There are a few candidates who did not get the final call-up to report to SIA even after obtaining their Class 1 Medical.
Your application will still be screened by SIA internally before you get the phone call from the HR to resign from your current job and report.

Personally, I did my medical late September 2018, and only got the call from HR early November to report in January 2019.

If you need more info, don't hesitate to ask or pm me if you feel more comfortable to do so.


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