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Originally Posted by 9VGZH View Post
Hey, I received your PM but I can't reply as your inbox is full.

I'm not sure what these preparation tests you have are as I did not subscribe to it, but there's a previous post which details most of the tests as far as i can remember. I meant to include a url in my previous post, but I don't have enough posts to allow that. You can refer to Page 78 Post #1547 in this thread instead.

The best advice i can give is just to read the instructions very carefully on each page before you begin. For most tests you will be able to go back and check/change your answers so don't get stuck on a question for too long, you can always return to it after finishing the rest of the questions. Also, for the multi-tasking tests, sit back and use your peripheral vision to keep track, don't be fixated on any individual section and miss changes in other parts.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask, I'll be glad to help! All the best!
Hi there, thank you I will study the details post 1547 page 78.

I just cleared my inbox can you send me the url.

May i know currently SIA offer you to do MPL or normal CPL ATPL?

Thanks bro for helping us aspiring pilot.
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