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Ho hum.

Seriously I am amazed that a person on a board of an allegedly large and influential organisation would behave in public in the manner that you do snarek. I myself am allowed to because i am one of the stupid job saving Air Traffic controllers that you and your Mob seem to think will be out of a job from all this. I myself am making money from it as I get 8% every time I have to train another of my workmates in this bizzo and as an aside am enjoying a line with no night shifts or late finishes to prepare the exercises. All of our internal safety case and Hazard log has been completed and there is not 1 I repeat not 1 airtraffic control job going.

You wonder why people attack AOPA. With idiots like yourself in open view of the greater industry, I am amazed that you have not self destructed from within (well the last board voted to have the recent election null and void and the new group disbanded though i guess..... That would incluse your little bum wouldn't it? Sounds very amateurish).

You strike me as one of the poor little unfortunate kids who was picked on at school. Previously in this thread (the merged ones) you have given us the "well I am taking my bat and ball and going home then if you are going to be like that" speech and now you tell us of this HOT hook up that will be answering questions. I can see your questions now "How can I get my ribena stain out of my Terry Towling hat because under NAS all the other pilots will see it as I fly past the Seeing and Avoiding?" and, "My flying jacket has pen holders for 4 pens on each shoulder. Under NAS, will I need a fifth?" and, "Hi, I fly a plane and because I am the only one in it I wear 4 bars on my shoulder, will i be allowed under NAS to wear 8 because I will be directly responsible for the lives of every other aircraft I fly through 'See and Avoid Stylez'?"

We are getting to business time with this lark. Please for the good of the future system, what ever it becomes, have a lie down and a Bex and I'll come get you when the adults are finished.



p.s. Here is a question then

What frequencies and where will a PJE aircraft call and broadcast on when dropping from F115 at Elderslie (NSW west of Maitland).
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