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I don't know if it was an Ace Freighters aircraft, but there was a tale around when I got to Khormaksar in September 1966 about a charter Connie that had been shutting down engines as it came down the Red Sea sometime in the previous year, and was nearing the end of its tether as Aden hoved into view. The hydraulics must also have been affected as a wheels-up landing was inevitable. The pilot was said to have been aware that the Company was on its uppers, with its future depending on keeping this airframe serviceable so, on final approach, any remaining engines were feathered with the props motored to minimise damage on impact. He landed on the sand by the runway, satisfied he'd done all he could ...... until the intervention of the RAF fire crew who attacked the fuselage with axes to get the crew out from this stricken aircraft.

I've often wondered how true that story was, but I offer it anyway in the spirit of Christmas!
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