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Originally Posted by Rated De View Post

What is perhaps the most disappointing part for staff of Qantas is that the CEO is simply devoid of empathy, lacks connection to his fellow human and has forgotten all that growing up in difficult times in a country and time where poverty and underprivilege was widespread would have shown him.

Airlines are a labour intensive team sport, perhaps one of the most dynamic businesses there is.
Little Napoleon has a big pile of money and has achieved unparalleled success in uniting the staff, against him. That is a spectacular achievement for somebody who ought know the value of community.

That he needs constant protection every time he sets foot out side his little insulated office is perhaps the most ironic legacy he will leave.
Well composed, he will be remembered for sure, mostly for all the wrong reasons:-)
Anyway it's Xmas, somewhere out there even the Leprechaun is loved, by someone:-)
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