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Echo is an ideal choice; the ship is non-escalators in its presence and also its deployment is a function of surface unit availability.

Moreover (and I’ll get more than tedious here) she is limited to 21 days in the Black Sea and constitutes part of the non-Black Sea aggregate tonnage allowed under the Convention of the Régime of the Straits, better known as the Montreux Convention 1936. This Convention not only limits non-littoral States tonnages and duration, it imposes limits on types (aircraft carriers and submarines are prohibited) and all movements are notified in English and French to States party to the convention, by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In this case, the UK - as part of NATO - can send a relatively small, but very capable vessel, into the Black Sea, but gives wiggle-room to send more and larger vessels if the need arises.

The Montreux Convention is a very effective balance of power document; it reduces risk of external escalation.
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