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Originally Posted by Gertrude the Wombat View Post
You'd also think that they'd be able to tell us one - just one! - benefit to be gained from #brexit, but none of them ever has.

(There is one actual benefit, which I've spotted but no leave-voter agrees with me is a benefit, which is the collapse in car sales, which will result in improved health from the additional walking and cycling done by those who can no longer afford cars.)
You make a good point, a little less consumption overall should be the result, so fewer people (or at least a little slower increase), less strain on public services, less strain on housing stock, no need to build the OxMkCam Expressway and the 1m extra houses to go with it, no need to build on the greenbelt, maybe a bit less congestion on the roads/motorways from a few less HGVs. Or do you think it's best all round if we just keep growing for growth's sake?
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