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Originally Posted by andrewn View Post
But we tested that theory at the last election and the Greens and LD got nowhere - not sure next time will be any different, regardless of how well (or badly) Brexit goes. Reason being, as I see it, the LDs are a political irrelevance with a leader from a different age who doesnt even want the job. OK, so they are pro-EU, but other than that does anybody know (or care) what they stand for anymore? The Greens, sadly, have lost their way under Caroline Lucas. They need to recognise the old order has changed and caring about the environment is no longer reserved for "lefties" and tree-huggers. As I said in a prior post somebody needs to come up with a sustainable set of economic policies that allow peoples standard of living to be broadly preserved, but without it costing us the earth (literally!). I'll keep waiting.....
But things have moved on a long way since the last election. At that time people were still being promised by both parties that they could get a good Brexit deal, and voters wanted to believe them. Those lies have now been exposed and both parties are in disarray.

And as I said, the minor parties don't need attractive policies. They just need a party organisation and a brand that can be recognised on the ballot paper as 'none of the above'.
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