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Originally Posted by CroqueMonsieur View Post

Nah mate, just pointing out the hypocrisy of society in general. Given that brexit was the brainchild of the conservatives of 2016 and brexit is yet to be implemented then I think itís relevant and fair to include them in discussions given thatís itís the same conservatives in power and the same conservatives tasked with delivering brexit.

You bring up whataboutery yet claim leavers want to back to a previous time. Youíre forgetting many of us are of an age where the EU is all weíve ever known.
Not sure if it escaped your notice, but it's not the same government. There's been a new gun slinger in town for a coiple of years who as it turns out, despite adhering to the principle that a government can't bind it's successors, couldn't hit a barn door with a banjo. Nonetheless, who am I to criticise your attempt to tilt at windmills?
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