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so we had to work in two different airlines :P
after six years in this „caol mine” named „airline”, flying 500 sectors per year constantly on minimum rest/planned extension twice per week I gave up... and lets dont forget about permanent company pressure to accept rooster changes, off day flying and tension not to report fatigue whenever you are... FATIGUE!!!!
We must indeed... 360 sectors and 800hrs this year for me (full time), extension maybe once per month, and I have never been pressured into flying on my off days (asked politely - yes, I have declined more often than accepted and that was it). But I've joined a little over a year ago and I heard a lot has changed since the culminating point of summer 2017. Everybody agrees that things have improved a lot.
I will say again - there is a lot to dislike in Wizz for sure (this outright fight against any unionization being the biggest one, as austrian71 says) but I'm happy, and 90% of people I fly with are happy too.
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