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My personal belief is that the pilots that live in Broome are expected to find their own accommodation.
All pilots in Broome are supplied with accommodation, subject to the conditions you outlined earlier.

I would imagine the Senior Base Pilot would get a bit upset if he did not get an endorsement and very surprised if all Broome crew were not given ratings
The SBP is not type rated, and there are no plans to do so. The PC12 and PC24 pilots will be two distinct groups, both in Broome and Jandakot.

The reality of sea level flights from my time with the docs was rare - but it did happen a few times.
Maybe things have changed, but I wouldn't call it 'rare'. Any patient with bowel obstruction, open head wound, penetrating eye injuries, respiratory failure or pneumothorax, will require a sea-level cabin. Sometimes even a doctor with a head cold.
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