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An interesting book I came across recently, that I think in historical circles is well regarded, but isn't known in flight test circles is this one.

Meager is an interesting chap - he seems to have spent much of the later years of the development and flight testing of big British airships as No.2 to many of the great flight test captains such as Irwin and Scott. His recall of detail is impressive, and his descriptions really do put you in the middle of these huge and remarkably modern flight test programmes. He also knew a lot of the big names that we can only know from history books - Nevil Shute Norway being one who particularly interested me.

It's out of print, but second hand copies seem quite easy to get hold of. I imagine anybody who is actively involved in large airship testing already knows it, so for the rest of us really it's leisure reading - but extremely interesting for all that. I'd strongly recommend it - and certainly I think that flight testers will see far more into the book than most historians will, and as such alone it's worth us reading it.

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