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Originally Posted by austrian71 View Post
Cons: Eastern management, bad reputation, second class airline, no labour rights,
Pros: A320 Type, thats all
If you can avoid it, just do it, just my two cents.
Sorry, but I disagree. All of this is highly subjective, without any proof. There are plenty of positives about Wizz, most people are happy, morale is high. Eastern management? What about it? Does eastern automatically equal bad? Second class - then what is RYR with their RYR Sun, third class?
No labour rights? I still get a legal, local employment contract, employer pays the taxes and social security for me. I do get LOL, holidays, stable roster, cheap/free tickets for myself and partner/friends, significant discount on gym membership and starting from January - the same for private health insurance. People are very nice (well, depends on where you end up, I hear Romania and Bulgaria might be slightly less friendly but still ok. Can't help with Riga, don't know anybody there).

Of course, there are cons (abundance of them) - just as in any other airline. You have to weigh what matters to you and what you can live with. But don't dismiss an airline because "it has bad reputation and comes from eastern europe so it must be bad".
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