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Originally Posted by C152R View Post
So how low is the salary for an A320 Captain?
You can figure it out from the Air Pilots Award 2010 (AP2010) (01 July 2018 updated rates) as that is the legal minimum. There is very little effective difference between AP2010 award and Jetstar / Network / Cobham / QF Domestic conditions. They are all effectively casualised, the only real question is how many hours per annum achieved, that is the single greatest determinate of income.

Get ready to break out the spreadsheet...the key assumption is based on the "Standard Rate" Single engine UTBNI 1360 kg of $22.05 per hour and the various multiples that apply for ATPL / Turbojet etc. Suffice to say, the LHS would be circa 173K. Casual rates would be 1/800 of that figure per hour.
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