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For what it's worth (as anything is worth a try) I find camomile tea about 45 mins before bed helps me.

20 mins controlled rest in addition to any bunk time on any LH flight, but particularly an East of GMT return back to UK. Basically a power nap. I think this modestly lifts your circadian rhythm and makes the transition back to home base time less hard.

Going 75% pattern. Absolutely cast iron way to get on top of fatigue IMHO. Partly, I think it is psychological in that you can always see a week of downtime on your roster. Partly, physical, you will get 7 nights in your own bed to reset the internal clocks.

If I had my time again, I'd have gone PT 10 years ago and trimmed spending to suit. The improvement to my lifestyle far outweighed the loss of earnings.
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