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Simply that he saw Trump's current relevance, since we have so many here who refuse to accept that there are things he is accomplishing. It is up to you if you think those are worthwhile things.
Trump's "accomplishments" are works in progress. History will determine worth if any. But, there is a way to see how things are progressing by comparing Trump's current work in progress "accomplishments" to the best accomplishments of recent presidents:

Johnson and Obama improved health care for the poor, Trump is weakening it.
Johnson and Obama helped extend equality to blacks, Trump is empowering white supremacists.
Several past presidents helped women's rights, Trump is denigrating and disempowering women.
Johnson made immigration more fair, Trump is implementing inhumane policies, separating immigrant children from their parents.
Carter reduced Israel-Palestine tensions, Trump is inflaming them.
George H.W. Bush and Clinton worked to improve trade, Trump is starting a trade war.
Carter stressed ethics, Trump is stocking his Cabinet with questionable ethics of billionaires and bankers friends.
Reagan and George H. W. Bush reduced nuclear tensions by negotiating, Trump is raising tensions by canceling agreements and tweeting.
George W. Bush helped Africa reduce HIV, Trump is insulting Africa and cutting humanitarian aid.
Past presidents educated themselves, invited debate and read briefing books, Trump is watching TV.
Nixon strengthened environmental protection, Trump is denying global warming, thereby threatening the livability of the planet.

Almost all of Trump's work in progress "accomplishments" as president are hurting the United States.
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