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Originally Posted by Pickled View Post
You only have to be junior once? I guess that is true if you wish to stay in the same fleet and seat all of your career.
Not really, what they meant with it at the time was you are only junior when you join the airline after that it is by choice. You don't need to jump at the first command opportunity or go straight into LH after your SH engagement freeze is over after 5 years. You could stay 1 or 2 extra years on the fleet in a senior position before going LH. Having said that with the 800+ pilots recruited over the last few years, of which a fair few went straight onto LH, if you move to LH after your engagement freeze is over you would be around 75-80% on any LH fleet at the moment.

I hear what you say about JSS, it wasn't my choice either, but the majority has voted and unfortunately JSS is reality now. Being a JSS critic myself I have to admit I was impressed with my January roster. But I do think there is still a fair bit of work to do on the inhibitors to make the (mainly LH) seniority gradient similar as what we had with Bidline.

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