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once again thanks for the clarification

Yes, I was comparing JQ to the total group (JQ + QF), and not JQ vs QF.

Yes, JQ, do fly 47% ASK (compared to QF and not the whole group as a total) for 29% revenue, but lets not forget what is important. Do we want profit or revenue ?

When we look at profit (EBIT), JQ make 40% profit (as a percentage of QF profit) for 47% ASK.

In the meantime, QF INTL only make 34% profit (as a percentage of QF profit) with 69% ASK (QF ASK). Is QF INTL better than JQ ?

JQ, $461 million profit vs QF INTL $399 million profit.

JQ, 48,736 ASK vs QF INTL 69,280 ASK ?

JQ made 15% more profit with only 70% of the ASK as QF INTL. Is JQ really such a basket case ? Is it really such a waste of resources ? Doesn't JQ provide the group a better return than QF INTL ? Shouldn't this be where more resources go ?

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