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Originally Posted by obgraham View Post
For those few of you here interested in both sides of the issue of Trump, here is an interesting article, by a Frenchman not known for his great love for America or Americans. Well, actually, for anyone not French:


Even he sees the importance of someone like Trump at this time.
(The pay wall might be in the way. I have it in pdf if someone pm's me.)
So what he is essentially saying is that Trump will diminish the standing of the US in the world and thatís a good thing overall for the rest of the planet. Not really a ringing endorsement of the man.

I also question the sanity of any writer who thinks that Americans will be begging for Ted Cruz once Trump is gone.

I prefer to take the opinion of those who have actually worked with Trump close up in the White House, the ones who have called him a moron, an idiot, a child etc.
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