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Originally Posted by Mr Optimistic View Post
My daughter, a staunch remainer and a lawyer, tells of a friend, a Belgium lawyer, who broke a leg in a cycling accident. That person travelled to London, stayed in a hotel, presented herself to A&E, and got it fixed. That was cheaper than getting it sorted in Belgium. Then, of course, you can have pregnant women from Africa bowling up for delivery, and if it all goes wrong, you can sue. Or a family from Eastern Europe, without a word of English between them, come over. Now we get to fix every medical problem they have and have to educate the kids in whatever language they communicate in.
Whatever else the EU may say about us, we are a very generous nation. The Irish should be particularly grateful as we even set up caravan parks to house their surplus.
There we have the classic hubris of the Brexiteer Englishman. The sense of superiority mixed with the newly discovered victimhood. Whether your little tale is true or not it points to a chaotic NHS. Not the EU's fault. In any case your broken leg story is implausible. Belgium is not a third world country.

As for your Irish comment. Well after centuries of exploitation by ruthless colonisers we are grateful you've recognised your failings. Thank you for the caravan parks. Remember you are the people who invaded and raped our country and even now cling onto part of it.
Isn't it so deliciously ironic that your precious independence from a union hangs on the fact you continue to occupy part of someone else's country only this time it's not so little, pathetic Ireland on it's own. It's 26 other countries on our side.
Reap what you sow.
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