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Originally Posted by RexBanner View Post

The regulations talk about people whose journey to work usually exceeds 90 minutes. BA have targeted people whose journey takes less than this, I know that for a fact. A few Amsterdam commuters have received phone calls for instance. easyJet did not audit staff travel to see when people were arriving in their bases and, to the best of my knowledge, still do not so letís not pretend that this is mandated by the regulator.

Itís discriminatory towards a single segment of the workforce (ie the commuter who travels by air) because, short of hiring private investigators, BA are not going to be monitoring people who drive to work.

Iíve flown with a captain who drove down same morning from Manchester for an early LHR report. Yet the commuter who spends 8h 52m in base overnight having flown in that evening from Amsterdam gets the sh*tty phone call whilst he walks around with impunity. There is nothing right about that scenario and yet it is going on all the time.
Rex the 90 minutes assumes a car journey. One of the AOC's mentioned above did a trial of crew members driving in a car simulator after a night flight. It filmed them as they started micro sleeping. So your correct the Captain from Manchester is the biggest risk unless your driving for 4 hours after your plane home. BA's operation is completely different depending on what flights / schedules are being operated. Lets say your doing a 2100 to JFK - will you be flying in mid afternoon and hanging around the crew room for hours or will you fly in the morning and be tucked up in bed having a nap before the flight. BA can't mandate that only you under crew members responsibilities and your professionalism can.
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