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Originally Posted by MikeAlpha320 View Post
Do some overtime? Maybe Rex has a life outside of BA One of the worst posts I've seen on this forum actually- and I've posted some pretty stupid things myself.

Of course being junior now is more difficult than before. The MOA (SH) has been torn to shreds, we work EASA FTLs and the company is constantly trying to squeeze more productivity. Were people flying 900/pa 10/15/20 years ago? JAR FTLs certainly more restrictive than EASA, pay was better (relative to PP34) and less 'efficient' rosters. We all join knowing we'll be junior etc- that doesn't mean a little sympathy/compassion sometimes might go a long way. If you are sat complaining that you had it just as bad as we do now why are you not a bit more understanding? Perhaps if the response wasn't 'I had to do it so now you do' the unity in BA might actually improve. The arrogance and total lack of compassion for some of your colleagues is really quite sad. No-one is asking you to give up all your 'hard-earned' weekends - rather that we pull together as a work force and gain back some of the ground BA pilots seem to have lost.

It won't be that long until PP34 are the majority - BARP are majority and those 'junior' to you will be the majority in the company. Shall we start lobbying for PP34 only pay deals? Enjoy being sat up on your senior perch... its a long way down.

Perhaps your polite request to 'leave aviation' to Rex could be considered by yourself.
My overtime comment wasn’t serious, neither was root canal....

You seem to have me as someone senior, I’m very much not, by choice. All weekends worked (hopefully on lates now though with JSS, not really in trip line territory) and BARP contributor from the start. Redundant from previous outfit too if that helps, so you could say I was ‘forced’ to join BA as well. But I won’t use that term, I made a choice given my situation. Neither will new joiner friends of mine, they chose BA and are perfectly happy with how the seniority system works. PP34 is a bitter pill I get that (so was giving up NAPS for those senior folk, for a couple of extra % on DC scheme) but the alternative may have been worse. BA ain’t all that and I’m in the fight to make it better, but if I’m fed up and miserable to the extent of some of the people I fly with make out, I’d definitely consider moving on. Or change fleets/seats/destinations/base.

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