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Originally Posted by obgraham View Post
PDR: I see it a bit different from WC:

Yes, you get credit for catching us out on the "smocking" thing. Good on you, dumb on us. I for one seldom read Trump's tweets.

You are sticking to form, however: you obsess over every word he says or writes, and ignore the progress, because it sticks in your craw to see him succeed.
It's not that I "obsess over every word he writes" - it's more a matter of being aware of what goes on in the world around me. It beggars belief that normal, intelligent people can vote for, and then make excuses for, an incompetent, corrupt, illiterate, incoherent and seemingly barely sentient gibbon like Dirty Donald, so we are forced to conclude that slightly less than half of the US electorate share at least one (usually several) of those defining characteristics. It is sad to have to think this, but nothing you or any of your fellow Trump apologists have said on the subject to date would tend to challenge that conclusion. The man is clearly a crook and a bully. I guess you just happen to LIKE crooks and bullies as a lifestyle choice.

You are free to express you opinion, and we are free to judge your character on the basis of the opinions you express. That's kinda the way it works.

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