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R lsButler:

if we had no bar books, as I sort-of remember, then the concept would be still born
We either had bar books that the barman would fill out and you were supposed to sign. During a session the books could be set out behind the bar and often unsigned.

Sometimes bar books were impractical, for instance when lots of people and several barman were working, then we used bar chits. Bars were largely cashless.

A peculiarity was using your home station bar number and chit at a visited station. Accounts would often be forwarded to home base. Very useful for diverted aircrew who may not carry cash and departed before the offices ooened. It also applied inter service too. It was not uncommon for Yeovilton not to forward bills.

You could also make private phone calls through the military exchange and have it charged back through your meds bill.

As an aside, Boscombe was a Vulcan dispersal for Waddington.

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