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Originally Posted by WIDN62 View Post
I notice that SIA 21 from Newark to Singapore frequently routes over Southern UK rather than the shorter route close to the Pole. I see from that the A350-900 is cleared for “ETOPS beyond 180 minutes” with “an option for up to 370 minutes diversion time”.
Is there a reason for this common routeing?
Are there no suitable airfields for diversion (particularly with the weather at this time of year) within the ETOPS parameters? Looking on FR 24 at the moment there are half a dozen or so aircraft on roughly the route that would be used - but they are all Boeing 777s.
Are the winds further south strong enough to compensate for a 700 mile longer flight?
Are Singapore Airlines being cautious whilst they gain operational experience of this type?
Do they have problems with overflights on the Polar route eg, Russia, Mongolia and China?
The flight has 3 potential routes. Trans Atlantic, Trans Pacific and over the North pole and it depends on the winds on the day which route is chosen.
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