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Originally Posted by James Blatch View Post

Happy Hour.

As a BBC reporter in the 90s/00s I had some enjoyable experiences during Happy Hour on a Friday night in officers’ messes.

However, does anyone recall when this tradition began? Was Happy Hour a universal expression used on RAF stations? And was it used as far back as the 1960s?

Was Friday afternoon always a time for light sweeping/admin before an early repair to the bar?
To the best of my knowledge, Happy Hour existed in the time period of your book. It was generally held in the Corporal's Club, or equivalent, the fiction being that a higher rank could enter premises for lower ranks, but not vice versa. The object of the happy hour was to twist all the arms, bend all the ears or call in all the favours you needed in order to get things done in the working day. As such, shop talk was permitted, indeed encouraged. However, later in the evening, or over the weekend, wives or girlfriends would have been in the company so shop talk was verboten. (Not sure if there would have been many husbands/boyfriends at this time). Indeed, I think it was on penalty of buying a round if shop talk accidentally crept into the conversation.
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