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Originally Posted by Sallyann1234 View Post
No personal abuse from me, racedo. I'm not calling you names. The forum rules forbid it.

Is it not a fact that you spring into action when Russia is mentioned?
Is it not a fact that you just diverted discussion from the UK Brexit to Google in the US?
Those were the matters I commented on.

It is a UK POLITICS thread. Therefore all politics is in there. You claimed Russia interfered in Brexit vote, same garbage that Russia interfered in US election. Google proven Russian news media spent $4,700 on promoting news stories on it. There is no evidence Russia interefered in Brexit, frankly as a remainer with most friends voting brexit I know NONE influenced by media campaign. They were in favour of exiting before vote happened.

Media campaign blaming someone else is because they don't get it. Hell even I saw it pre the vote where London media were telling people what to do with the Glitterati supporting it. People had had enough of being abused and told what they can do, what they can think. Political correctness and every other type of crap people had listened to and Brxit vote was a chance to tell the establishment to GFY.

This is why Trump was elected in the US, why Macron is under pressure in France, voters tired of the same garbage being pushed on them.

The fact you never see it shows how out of touch you are and willing to parrot whatever the media states.
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