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There wont be any serious pro brexit process if referendum 2 works out the sane and sensible way. Sure there are far more violent nutters in the Brexit camp but many have changed there mind after seeing the consequence-sad to say more than a few have died or become seriously infirm a good few didnt care anyway and just voted the way the Sun Mail and Express told them ( the Mail has changed tack radically since the dumped the wicked evil hypocrite who used to edit them-) and telegraph readers don t riot .

But there is a hard core of cold unceasing rabid hatred for anything foreign and while someone on 20K a year willing to go down to 18 k can only be described as stupid beyond belief or , as is most like the case completely ignorant and in the same camp as the people who say they voted Brexit so we would have an Empire again. we should be more patriotic and buy English cars or that she was happy with Euro imposing a Visa fee as there were better places than Europe like Tenerife where she always went on holiday. They are all real cases honest. However the really wicked thing is the right wing efforts to get us out of the Eu so they can impose a real 'class matters 'society , irrepreably damage the NHS, put people in fear of losing their jobs, further erode employment conditions and push us closer to trumps America and that is just pure evil.
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