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Leaving aside the obvious that Russia did interfere in the referendum-we know they did with the Trump election so even if it was only a dry run - they would have had a go at our vote. If Putin and Co support anyone in UK these days its the far right (which they do) not the left. Maybe back in the 1950s when Britain had things like manufacturing industry and a bit of influence in the world they would try and infiltrate Labour and the now non existent powerful unions but that makes no sense at all now and both ideologically and pragmatically they would support the far right today as a means of keeping us and Europe off balance. Of course they couldn't really care a monkeys about us on our own we are too far away and anyway they own already most of London-or the part the Arabs dont. Funny how the traitors in UK politics turned out to be the Tory right not the labour left isnt it.

Of course there is our nuclear deterrent but how independent is that- its almost entirely American technology and strange as they can be in the States they take control pretty seriously and having worked with major US corporations and the DoD for much of my career I cannot see there not being some little backdoor mechanism that means our deterrent wont work on its own. It is after all exactly what we would do with roles revered and they have no real reason to trust us after many years of lax security on the UKs part.

There is also that issue of trust on a wider scale-looking at our chaotic deluded toys out of the pram behaviour who is going to rush to do a trade deal with us when we have proven yet again that as a nation we cannot be trusted and as soon as things happen that we dont like we want to change the rules of the game. As a huge net importer with a massive current account negative imbalance what do we have to export to all these new trading partners . Lets just take Australia as an example where there are jobs with Aussie companies on the internet already stating basically they are looking for people with an EU but NOT a Uk passport -even further imbalance in immigration status with the Aussies making life hard for us while we give out UK rights to everyone with Brit antecedents.

And lets just say the Eu really did decide to be nasty and said to these countries -if you give the Brits a better deal that we have then you are not going to get any future deal from us-not much of a decision there with 55m vs 330 M. Again having negotiated for years with our apparently legally elected PM and leader some of our politicians now want to change the rules and threaten things like not paying back what we owe-that will look really good to potential new trade partners won't it leaving aside the bare faced arrogance with which many of our potential new trade partners have experienced directly. Or perhaps the wonderful idea that we should threat Ireland with starvation - we have don that once before- but that left a century of hatred.

I bought a friend a present today- jigsaw puzzle- he has sensitivity and control probs with his fingers and is encouraged to do that sort of fine twiddly sort of thing -the puzzle is called Map of the British Empire . Just a glance that shows you that 95% of everything pink is 3000 miles away or more whereas three of the major EU capitals are all nearer to London than Edinburgh is and that France is barely an hour on train or plane and the furthest flung capital of the worlds biggest trading bloc and the most affluent region on the planet by far is barely 1500 miles away and its major capitals are much much closer than that. As regards our new 'Global Britain' * many of the larger countries are close in either distance or current trade links to mega economies ; Canada to USA, Caribbean to USA , Aussie and NZ to China and Japan, India-China etc. Do any of them really want to weaken those links in even the tiniest way to fit in special deals with their former colonial masters . Of course the biggest ex colony of the lot ,the USA, remember we are their oldest enemy not oldest friend, now has a stridently avowed policy of America First which translated means here is the deal sign it or f--k off.

But never mind we can be Great again except of course people forget that particular 'Great ' refers to size compared to a region of France not fame and achievement.

* Global Britain - misnomer referring to a peripheral European county (we will always be part of Europe in one sense) that appears to many outside the country, known quaintly to us a 'Foreigners', introverted, backward looking xenophobic almost racist in a bizarre way peculiar to itself, with unrealistic aspirations which has no merchant shipping fleet and cannot even expand its major airport to allow more flights to the capitals of these wonderful new partners. Nevertheless they will fall at our feet to recreate our colonial past and won't for a minute remember the humiliation and deprivation heaped on them in those days.
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