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Can you help me? RAF 1960s.


Iíve been around in these forums for a very long time, but decided to post in my real name for this exercise.

I am in the process of writing a novel set on a fictitious RAF station in Wiltshire that hosts a test and evaluation unit (in the style of Life of Brian, the real Boscombe Down is mentioned a few times to underline the fact that RAF West Porton is entirely made up).

The book is set in 1966.

Iím in the third draft and heading for a Spring 2019 release (if youíre interested, Iíve added a synopsis below).

My father, an RAF test pilot at Boscombe Down 1959-1966 has been immensely helpful with some of the detail that will enable the book to feel authentic, but he is nearly 88 and his memory is understandably patchy. So I would love some help with some of the specifics if others on here were in the RAF during that period.

I would like to post some questions in this thread as they occur during the writing process and I would be immensely grateful for anyone who is able to contribute an answer.

Iíll try to post questions as individual posts to enable anyone who is able to, to answer with a reply/quote to that specific point.

Book synopsis for info:

A young pilot survives a crash, but loses his closest friend. In the days that follows he realises his late friend was in a desperate quest to uncover a corruption. Wracked with guilt about his role in the crash and his failure to listen to his friend in life, he must take up the quest as his only chance of atonement.

PS I'm also on the look out for advanced readers who could provide some feedback ahead of the official launch.
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